Magic Moments We Should Notice

Every work and business has its magic moments. It's so important to notice them.

I remember when I got my first order, it was made by a client in Texas. My hands were shaking and I could barely respond to her. I did not know if my English was good enough, so I asked my husband for help. It was so exciting and scary at the same time!

Now, working from here, in my chair, I feel like learning the world through my clients. It does not compare to my love for traveling, yet, I get to know such interesting people from Europe, the USA, Australia, and Africa. Some of them became my fellows: they ask me if we don't miss our Friday movie night tradition while sharing their garden harvest. We email each other about how our kids are doing, what are our plans for summer, and what dreams we have. I came to realize, that we all are so similar: in our successes, failures, and fears.

I feel like I have created my tiny world, together with my clients. It's incredible, how one roll of linen turns into a dress and turns into a friendship.

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