How to take body measurements of men

How to take body measurements of men.

  • Stay straight
  • No need to inhale while measuring.
  • You can take measurements while wearing light garments or without clothes.

Having correct body measurements helps us to craft garment that fit perfectly to your unique body.

1. Height (the full height of the person)

2. Chest measurement (measure widest part around your chest)

3. Waist measurement (measure approximately around your navel)

4. Pants waist (measure around the waist of your pants)

5. Hips/butt measurement (measure widest part around your hips/butt)

5. Upper arm measurement (measure around your biceps)

6. Neck measurement (measure at the bottom of your neck)


7. Sleeve length (measure it from the edge of your shoulder down to the preferred length).

8. Thigh measurement (measure around your thigh)

9. Knee measurement (measure around your knee)

10. Calf measurement (measure around your calf)

11. Length of the pants you would prefer (measure from your pants waist, till the length you prefer. Measure from the side of your body)

12. Inseam measurement of the pants (measure inner length of the pants)

13. Rise measurement of the pants (measure the distance from the waistband in the front, through the crotch area, to the waistband at the back).