How To Take Body Measurements Correctly (Men)

How to take body measurements correctly (men).

1. Chest measurement (widest part around your chest)

2. Waist measurement (widest part around your belly)

3. Hips/butt measurement (widest part around your hips/butt)

4. Upper arm measurement (measurement around your biceps)

5. Neck measurement (measurement at the bottom of your neck)

6. Length of the sleeves you prefer (measure it from your shoulder down, till the length you prefer)

7. Pants waist measurement (measure the waist line, where you prefer to wear your pants)

8. Thigh measurement 

9. Knee measurement

10. Calf measurement

11. Length of the pants you would prefer (measure it from your pants waist line, till the length you prefer. Measure it from the side of your body)

12. Shoulder width (measure it from one shoulder to another)