Once I became a mother

Linen Wedding Dresses was driven by heart from the very beginning. Once I became a mother to my third child, I felt very clearly that being a mom was essential for me and that I wanted to play a full part in it. Also, I knew what it meant to work at someone's company while having three kids: constantly asking for time off once your child is sick or when you wish to see his performance at school. I didn't want that. I felt like having a right to be a free mom who can plan time around her career and family at ease.

Then I found my passion for linen and tried to create dress models myself, took their photos, and uploaded them to the eshop. Only after one year, I had a look at other creators, and oh my - I was shocked. It was not only thousands of linen dressmakers, but all of their clothing was simply wonderful!
At that time, I remember, I was so very happy I hadn't looked around earlier, otherwise, I would never have had the confidence to start my own business. On the other hand, I knew where I had to get better and even at this day I see competition as an opportunity to envision your improvement.

All linen dressmakers are somehow unique and have their own style and energy. Even every seamstress charges each dress with carefulness and love. Because if it's your business, your creations - you care. At the same time, it doesn't matter how many linen dress creators there are, I am sure - we will all find our place under the sun. The most important part is to be ourselves as there is no other authenticity.