A change

Why is it so vital to CHANGE and how to do it?

It's already 8 years since I've been the creator of my own linen dresses brand and today I came up with the realization, that for my business to stay relevant and "alive", it has to move on.

The same applies to business owners - you simply can't stay the same forever, even if it seems the most comfortable strategy. If you want your brand to move on, you have to give in the organic change. In case you find your business meaningful, there should always be an inner urge to think, create, change, and improve.

I have noticed that in time I have developed a sense of how to BE in my business. There are moments and stages when I have to act brave, sometimes - be patient and learn for the results while staying idle, and at some times - contemplate new strategies, because the old ones keep me stagnated and uninspired. And at all these moments I have to be good to myself, support myself.

The best way to do this is through movement (running, especially) and the discipline of mind (meditation, writing). I feel like creating something bigger than myself - my business, my brand - I have to stick to my values, my inner axis. Without staying strong inside, no movement, and no improvement would be possible, because it will have no direction, and no strength to withstand the organic change.