About Us

Handcrafted LINEN WEDDING DRESSES and other unique and elegant linen clothes. Ethically made / Made to measure / No use of factory.


Everything is made without the use of factory. Every item is made once an order is placed and to individual client’s measurements as well as personal preferences.


All work - creative or sewing - is rewarded fairly at CozyBlue. Everything we do as a team comes from the heart. We aim to provide the highest quality while maintaining a calm and relaxed way of working, to have complete creative freedom and to share it with people who value quality and can relate to our values. 


Everyone has a unique body. So in order to make the garment fit perfectly, once you have placed your order, I will email you asking you to measure yourself to ensure the cut is made exactly to your body. After all, we strive for our clothes to not only look beautiful, but feel comfortable too so you could enjoy wearing them again and again. 


Linen is a strong and long-lasting material. It doesn't harm the environment and is biodegradable. So once you have bought clothes made from linen they will serve you a long time. Therefore before you choose your garment, we recommend you consider it carefully. Take your time, choose your color, think about the details. You should buy it only when you are certain it is for you. We will happily communicate with you throughout the process and help you make the best choice for YOU, to create the item you will love and wear many many times.

When you create something from scratch, you have an opportunity to do it the way you see best. At CozyBlue, everything – our style of working, our people, our culture – is as I believe it should be. And it is more than just linen clothes – it is also a fair trade business. We aim to make both sides happy: those who wear our beautiful clothes and those who create them.

And it's a wonderful feeling - knowing that in some distant place there will be a moment when a woman is dancing in a CozyBlue dress.