There are people behind dresses

Behind our work, products, photos there are people. 
Simple, earthy, sensitive, hardworking. Behind all products is my amazing team. Tailors from Lithuanian towns. Every time making dresses perfectly to the last seam.
Willing that the woman on the other end of the world will be happy with their work.
No matter how well and thoroughly they do their job, there is always some anxiety and excitement. Behind every dress made, there is a human.
And behind all photos, letters, packaging and other things, there is me.
Mother to three little human beings, wife, friend, daughter, woman and a little girl in one. Trying to find the balance everywhere. Sometimes disappointed, sometimes overwhelmed, sometimes crying. Sometimes turning my head on how to solve difficult situations. 
But always wanting to be here. 
And always grateful for your support.
There are people behind orders.
And today I just want to send you a Big Hug and a Big Thank You.