Photographer Aiste: Little details about the wedding photoshoot


Aistė Kras is an experienced wedding photographer who says that to work with newlyweds is really not for everyone. In the interview below she shares her opinion on the most photogenic wedding styles, how to pick wedding photoshoot locations and what role a bride's dress plays in the photoshoot process. 

  1. Aiste, what type of photographer are you?

I've been in photography for more than 15 years and during that time I’ve tried many different fields - from food to fashion photography. Finally, I came to realize that I am a people person. So, I stayed at portraits, family and wedding photography. I have been taking photos of newlyweds for almost 10 years now.

  1. How do usually brides feel on their wedding day and how do the grooms?

There is no single answer since all the people are so different. Some of them are relaxed and smiling, others tend to be really nervous from the morning till the evening of their wedding day.

I would say a significant part of newlyweds feel tension until the end of the wedding ceremony. Later they relax and enjoy the celebration. 

  1. Is it difficult to work with newlyweds? What challenges do you face?

In my opinion, wedding photography is one of the hardest types of photography. Everything happens momentarily, actions and emotions interchange and you cannot replay them. This job is not for everyone - to work with newlyweds is difficult, interesting and really fun! Together we spend all wedding day, so I tend to become a psychologist, an adviser and a friend. Therefore, a wedding photographer needs to have a lot of patience, be empathetic and react quickly.

There are all sorts of challenges happening as well - from a forgotten flower bouquet to a spoiled wedding dress, from a broken heel to pouring rain. Not a single wedding day was the same :) 

  1. What type of wedding are the most photogenic?

The ones where everything matches in style: the venue, decor, newlyweds clothing. So to say, the wedding which has a theme is the most beautifully reflected in photographs as well. 

Of course, the best pictures are the ones where the newlyweds are relaxed, happy, confident in wedding personnel and not worrying about the little things.

  1. How do you choose the location for the photoshoot? What role does a bride's dress play in this selection process?

The main rule before choosing any photo session location is to evaluate the wedding theme and a bride’s dress. For example, minimal / boho / linen dress would look best in nature or by the sea. However, if the dress is princess – like, then it would reveal itself most beautifully with classic architecture in the background. Everything has to match in style. 

  1. Is it necessary to have a trial photoshoot before the wedding? 

Trial photoshoot is really not necessary, but if newlyweds decide so, it is nice to get to know each other better, to learn photographer’s style and rehearse at the same time. After such a photoshoot, during the wedding newlyweds are much more confident and relaxed, they feel less tense. Also, trial photo session pictures can be used for wedding invitations!

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