A tale about a little girl

In all my roles I'm also a mother of three. And this role is not only about giving, it's also about learning and thinking what things you want to tell sometimes. Tales. They are a wonderful way to spend your time together. They are stories which children listen to and dream about. For telling stories I usually choose books and read them, but sometimes, I create my own tales. And I hope that one day, they will remember them and understand everything what I wanted to say.

A tale about a little girl

Long long time a ago there was one little girl. There were no girls in the world at this time, but she already was there. She was very small, with big eyes and a beautiful smile. She was brave and cute. She smelled of the most beautiful nature smells and walked easily and confident. She has a lot of dreams.

Also she had something magical- all her dreams always became true. That's why she always tried to think of something immeasurable and big. She created new colors of flowers and big mountains. She created her home and a yard. She fulfilled her life with joy and laughter. She loved warm rain and every evening she asked it to come to her, that she could dance in it.

But one day she grew up and her dreams became wider. She thought, that she wants to disappear and come back to the world which will be full of little girls and big girls. And she thought that she wants to be a little part of every little girl and of every big girl. She will be a part, which dreams and searches, which laughs and smells like the most beautiful of nature smells. That she will be small and cute and every little girl and every big girl will be able to find her.

Her dream came true. Every little girl and every big girl has her magical gift. If you think that's not a true, try to find the warm summer rain.

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