Wedding Planner Grete: Tips on Planning Your Wedding Day

This time we have a short interview with a wedding planner from Lithuania Grete, who has her own company called "Dangiška diena" | “Heavenly Day” and shares with us the most important tips and considerations when planning your big day.

Grete, how long do you work in the wedding business? 

I’ve been a wedding planner for 7 years already, before that, I worked in a corporate events planning company. There with my current colleague Monika we secretly shared a wish to have our own business and that’s how we created  "Dangiška diena" | “Heavenly Day”. 

What do you like most about your job? 

It feels so good to be a part of the most important celebration in a couple's life. I enjoy seeing delighted people - sometimes I have tears during the ceremony myself!

I also chose this job because I like the process of the planning, it’s not for everyone really - it pumps me with adrenalin because of all the preparation challenges. In the beginning, I experienced a lot of stress, but with the experience, I’ve gained confidence that everything can be solved.

What are the basic steps when planning a wedding?

In the beginning, a couple should define what type of celebration would feel like their own: only with family or with the whole company of friends? Would it be a one-day or multiple-day event?

Therefore, you should ask yourself, whether you will have time and patience to plan the wedding yourself, as it includes searching for different suppliers: venue, catering, flowers and decor, music and visual solutions, and so on. Or whether you choose to work on it with a wedding planner. 

I know many brides who were inspired by Hollywood movies and decided to plan their big day on their own finally were burnt out from all the stress. But there are exceptions - couples who are very systematic and eager to deal with every detail of their celebration. 

What are basic wedding styles and formats? 

I would say that at least in Lithuania the most common wedding format is a family gathering with friends. They celebrate with festive meals, listen to a concert, dance, and are entertained by a wedding mediator. Sometimes there are weddings where the couples manage it without the mediator, even when the event is huge, containing 80-90 guests. In that case, couples entertain the guests themselves.

More often we encounter small and cozy weddings, celebrated with the closest family members: such weddings contain up to 20 people. 

What tips do you have for the couple when planning their wedding? 

Create a celebration firstly for yourself, but not to impress others. The most important part is to relax and enjoy every moment because that day will pass in a flash. Usually, brides tend to care for the guests’ opinion on the wedding, but trust me - it’s so not worth it, since that day is the most important gift for yourself 🙂