Love for Linen

I am immensely grateful to all of you for making my love for linen my daily routine.
That it proved that it's not necessary to create everything according to “working” methods.
That sometimes it just takes a lot of love, a lot of faith and a lot of effort.
That small business can be fair and generous to all who work here.

I am glad that so many of you see linen as coziness. That you like heavier fabrics which are very close to us. Which breathe with our skin, drop heavily and adapt to our body. Look natural and unique.

Linen is beautiful.
And the nice thing is that you support the “made to measure” philosophy.
After the season we have no unused or accumulated stock left.
We feel tired but very happy.

Each product we make has a story, a customer, chosen color, personal size.
Every item before starting to cut is already welcome and will be loved and used.
As it should be.
Always with big love.
Daiva, Linen Wedding Dress.