We are almost 2

In a week it will be 2 years since CozyBlue was born. 
Just a bit and quite a lot.
Just bit to create all visions which we have. To create and to make the dresses which still are in the mind and on paper.
Quite a lot to find our way and specialty. To reach so many people and countries. To dress up so many brides and not just brides in elegant linen. 
2 years have passed and we are still studying how to talk about what we do. Thought sometimes it is more easier to just do than to talk about it. 
And my promise to you all - upcoming year I will be more open. More open with our stories, works, team, plans and other things you could be interested in. 
I spend a lot of time communicating with clients, but I clearly understand that there are more and more people who do not necessarily want to have something from linen. They just want to know, to support and be introduced with what we do and why we do so.
So, let's start from little things about our making team.
Our making team (professional seamstresses) are from Lithuania. Not from capital Vilnius, but from Lithuania. From little and small villages in the highlands of Lithuania. All life they have worked as seamstresses. They made all the types of sewing: wedding dresses, curtains, beddings, even furniture upholstery. They are incredibly good at all of it. Clients who have clothes from Cozyblue, definitely know the quality of every seam.
It was my honor to invite them in CozyBlue. And working with them helps me fulfill my vision for CozyBlue. Women from rural regions have the possibility to earn an honorable salary. By doing what they love and what they are very good at. By doing it calmly and without stress.
It means, every item is truly made ethically.
I am so proud about this and I will surely make a wider introduction with them in the future.
And in the end.  
Every day I am very thankful to you all. For finding and for choosing us, in this big world of clothes.

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