About us

Handcrafted LINEN WEDDING DRESSES and all other unique and elegant linen clothes.
Ethically made / Made to measure / No use of factory



Everything is made without the use of factory. Every item is made after ordering and according to client measurements and personal wishes. We don't have mass made collections, which become "old" after half a year. Every item is elegant, easy to adapt to various styles, and with some slow fashion attitude. It means we don't motivate you to buy more and more. We hope that every item will be loved, comfy to wear and will be used for more than one season.


Every creative and sewing work in CozyBlue is rewarded honorably. Everything in CozyBlue comes from the heart. With no intention to make a big business. With the intention to work calmly and with highest quality. To create freely and to share it with the people who value quality and respect.


Everyone has a unique body. So in order to make it a perfect fit, when you purchase our item, I will write you a message and ask you to measure yourself so that the cut would be made exactly to your body. In the end, it should be not just beautiful, but also lovable and comfortable.


I am the creator of CozyBlue and I am an absolute linen lover. I want this material to be alive. I want linen to be stylish. I want to see it in the office, at home, on leisure time and even on weddings!


Linen is a strong and long lasting material. It doesn't harm the environment and is biodegradable. So when you have clothes from linen they will serve you long term. Every time you choose clothes, we recommend you to think. Is this what you really want? Take your time, choose your color, think about the details. You should buy it only when there is no doubt- it’s for you. You only need the ones you truly love. Every time you wear them, they should bring you only good emotions. We gladly communicate and try to find best choice for You. The item that you will love and will use many many times.

When CozyBlue was born in my head we all found some special place in it. I am the creator and I communicate with you. My family members pose together with me in photo shoots and inspire me as well. If you follow us and sometimes scroll CozyBlue pictures, then it's time to say that all people you see posing is our family. Few absolutely professional and talented seamstresses are working together to bring you these amazing cuts and seams.


I love linen. I always did. But my love is not for ethnic or cultural features. I found linen very stylish, light, timeless and adaptable. The perfect material to make clothes from. As I remember I always tried to find dresses, which are natural, made from linen, but with some delicate elegance and youthfulness. When I was touching linen and imagined what beautiful things could be made from it. So after some time I started to create clothes for myself. Only after a while came CozyBlue.


  • There is no factory at CozyBlue. We are handmade, only at home and with no rush and no stress.
  • We gladly make CUSTOM MADE requests.
  • All clothes are sewn from linen which is made in the Baltics, Lithuania.
  • All our linen is washed by ourselves before sewing. You don't have to worry about shrinkage after your washing.
  • We us fabrics that comply to OEKO-TEX 100 quality standard.

When you create something, you have all possibilities to make everything as you love. CozyBlue work style, people, culture are as I believe they should be. And it's not only about linen clothes. It's also about a fair trade business. Here we make both sides happy- those who wear and those who make.

And when we finish, we gladly pack it and send it to you with love. We believe you will love it and wear it joyfully and will use it for more than one year... And it's a wonderful feeling, that in some distance place there will be a moment when a woman will be dancing in a CozyBlue dress.