Story about the linen thread

This is a linen thread. Natural and not colored. Very old.   
I use it while packing your purchase. When the dress is already packed I put this thread around the inner box. I do believe it is more safe for the box, while it' s on it's way to you.    
Have I mentioned before that I choose to see miracles in my life? Beautiful accidents, friendships and events which surprise me in a good way.  So, one day, while packing the boxes I stopped for a moment and realized that this tread, this linen thread is amazingly old.  I remember my grandmother gave it to me when I was very little. She loved me very much. And I do believe that's why she always used to give me things she used. Like fabrics, threads. 
She wasn't a professional seamstress, but she loved to make dresses for herself. 
In a long journey I lost some fabrics, but this thread was always somehow with me. While I lived with my parents, while studying or just changing my living places.
It's such a warm feeling, knowing that this old linen thread is so remarkably alive. It goes to many countries, to different people. And in some way it shows that some part of her, creating dresses, is still alive with me. It makes me smile knowing it. And I know that the last meters of this linen thread will stay with me. As a memory and as a little miracle.
Daiva, Linen Wedding Dress.