Making time and shipping

First of all, I really want to rejoice that every year more and more of you discover us, come back, recommend. It's wonderful to feel that we are loved. Your support is the biggest engine that inspires us and keeps us going 🌿

At the same time, our team is growing and this year we gladly invited one more pair of wonderfully sewing hands to our cozy family business.
However, we are still a small, ethical business. We produce only a hand full of items. Mainly because we make cuttings only according personal body measurements and each product is made separately. You won’t find our tailors cutting multiple products at once. As it is a season for linen I really want my team not to work overtime, so our production deadline became longer with the coming of the season. Thank you for your patience about it.

So I would like to kindly ask/suggest. If you have bigger celebrations where you would like to dress up with our products, don’t wait until the last moment. I invite you to plan your time and order products at least 3-4 months before. If you decide to make an order even earlier- itis even more better. This way we will be able to keep our making time and the product will arrive on time. And you will stay calm about it.

We care not only about our products to be a perfect fit, but also about all emotions while waiting for them.

Sending warm greetings to you all.


Daiva, Linen Wedding Dress.