Made to measure

Made to measure.
This is our philosophy we have chosen to work with.
Even though it is much more complicated than producing huge amounts of standard-size clothes in mass sewing factories.
So why are we here.
▪️We want to use linen sustainably. 
▪️We want to cherish craftsmanship skills of the seamstresses.
▪️We pay honorably for each product.
▪️Every seamstress knows for what person the garment should be cut and what are their unique measurements. It gives truthfulness for the work. 
▪️Individually made clothes are more loved. They are comfortable to wear. And it means you want them to serve longer.
▪️For us these are not the garments which should be pushed to be sold some how. For us it is individually cut clothes, which are unique every time. 
▪️They are well considered before buying. 
What details do I prefer for myself, what color do I want, where I will use it? 
▪️We believe that by working like this we encourage responsible choices. 
▪️ We show respect for people who make our clothes.
▪️We work in more deep relationship with all of you and it is one of the most amazing experiences ever.
Working with these principles the world becomes like a one big family for us. And it is because of you!
Thank you for supporting our idea and our business philosophy. We appreciate it so much!