The Good and everything about linen

  • Linen shrinks. Yes it does. Really, it can shrink a lot. I mean from L to S. That's why if you are going to sew things for yourself you better wash the fabric first. Here at CozyBlue we do that, so you don't have to worry about shrinking.
  • Linen is creasing. But in fact- it's the one of the most beautiful attributes of the linen. Natural, not smooth, but at the same time- so perfect and real. And after each washing the fabric becomes softer and less wrinkly.
  • Linen fabric is 3 times stronger and 5 times more resistance for abrasion and more shiny than cotton.
  • Linen is the best fabric for your skin, it lets your skin breathe, and absorbs a lot of water. After adding 20% water to linen weight it still feels dry, that's why your skin is always dry. That's especially important for people suffering from eczema.
  • Linen doesn‘t make allergic reactions and is like natural antiseptic, less mud, soap and whiting residues remain in the fabric, so linen is very suitable for even small kids and people who have problems with skin.
  • Linen fabric doesn‘t turn yellowish, but becomes whiter and gentler after time.
  • Linen fabric goes damp and dry very soon, that is why the fabric warms during cold night and cools the body during hot midday.
  • Linen fabric is resistance to static electric load.
  • Linen is ecological. That means it leaves no trash behind, no production side products that we would throw away. It is harmless to nature.
  • Linen fabric has tiny tiny hairs which are very slippery, and smooth, and they don't like to be covered in....... stains. That's right. It's like a true friend which does not allow any bad things get to you. Or removes them by just letting them slide far far away, where they belong.
  • Linen decreases in a half the influence of radiation and protects human‘s organism from ultraviolet.

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