Do we have something in common?

I love when it rains, when I can freshly smell nature and all the blooms, which it gives us.
I love running in the forest, when leafs crisp under my feet and fresh air and peace meet me.
I love playing outside with my children and walking barefoot on the grass.
I love baking pies and watch how happily they run to put it on their plates.
I love drinking tea with my husband and I love saying how strong and calm he is.
But I don't love hard days, when everyone loose patients and time spills out from fingers.
I don't like anger and jealousy, tiredness and arrogance in people’s faces.
I love telling stories to my children while lying in the bed, touching their hands and hair.
I love them laughing when snow is falling.
I love watching them reading, playing, running and learning new things.
I love watching them grow even though I can't take some of them in my arms anymore.
I love warm soup and long interesting talks, which fill my soul.
I love new places and wonderful people.
I love blue and green, purple and white.
I love forests, lakes and rivers.
I love love, joy, laughter and peace, but don't love wasting my time to unimportant and useless things.
I love looking beautiful to myself. I love overseeing my hair, skin and body.
I love it when I'm with comfortable and simply beautiful clothes.
I love sneakers and loose hair.
I love books and knowledge, but I don't love vanity.
I love the sea, mountains, warm cacao drink and apply pie.
I love days and nights, but don't love bad dreams and fears.
I love when good days come more often than bad ones.
I don't love illnesses and tired faces.
I don't love insensitive and angry people.
Don't love stupidity and spitefulness.
I love testing new smells and spices, but I don't love failure in the kitchen and everywhere else.
I don't love mistakes, but I love that feeling when you try one more time and you succeed.

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From the heart :)

Julius May 31, 2017

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