White paper, pencil and new dresses

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White paper and pencil.

This is the first moment of how CozyBlue clothes are born.

From a thought to sketching, to the choosing of fabric, then to the cutting and sewing and finally to the dress and to the photographing of it.
I am always so excited about creating something new. That from the first thought about it, I can't wait when the result will be real.
And a very important part.
New clothes doesn't mean this is brand new and now you must have it.
It means that if you decide to have something from CozyBlue, you can choose from  a wider pallet of clothes.
We really want that you would love linen clothes that you choose, and that they would be timeless and would be used not for a one season. New dress is not a better than the dress which was created half a year ago. They both are equal for us.
But at the same time, we are creators. So it means that it's always a big pleasure to create something more. And it's always a pleasure to see and to feel when your thoughts become real, comfy and ready to wear.
Thank you for being our client.
You let us be what we want to be.

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