When I came up with the idea of creating this business

When I came up with the idea of creating this business, I had a basic idea of what I wanted from it.
Firstly, I wanted to be a mother/woman who has the freedom to be a mother/woman. This means that it was important for me that I could plan my time freely. When do I need to buy food for the house, when do I have to pick up children, go to the gym, can I freely take care of children when they are sick or go to events in the school or kindergarten. It was important for me that I could do all these things without having to ask for permission.
Secondly - I wanted to do work/business only the way I want and how I feel it should be done. I wanted to create all work principles. To be near nature, and people who I work with. Sometimes some ideas sound crazy, because nobody does that, or it is not popular.  I heard a lot of suggestions that I should not work with "made to measure" principle, because "nobody needs that" or I should create just basic loose linen garments and I would earn more money as I would not need to invest time because loose style is fast and cheap to make. Or "I will not find the team who will want to work with this principle, because it is too complicated".
But! I knew it was my way, I knew it was our way. I knew that if we make this step and it will work- it would be useful for everybody. For those who make the clothes, for those who wear them, for nature as well. Working in this way we will not encourage consumption.
And the result - we are here: 
- We do not waste fabric, time and other resources unnecessarily
- We make garments which have value
- We follow demand, not create it
It needed time to create all of this, to earn it.
So I think my world works. Yes, sometimes there comes challenges, because from time to time we all face them. But I have my own playground, my own little world where my plan works. I am extremely grateful for all of this. Grateful for not stopping doing this when I had some doubts or at the beginning, when it was indeed very difficult. Now I look at all this path and I know - it was a good decision. Hope you also think so.