Linen and Nature

I love to see complex cuts, unique fall in linen garments. It's so good to feel the result of what happens after you put more work, thoughts and creativity into it. Now I understand, that every time I want to discover something new and interesting before I start creating a new dress. The knowing how it may be different, how differently it may look, inspires me and even all my seamstresses.
But it doesn't matter at all what new cuts or clothes we create, linen always keeps the same inner narrative for me. It's always near nature, always breathing with the wind and rain, floating in the meadows, moving with your body and dancing the tree shadows.
It perfectly, just perfectly intertwined with my love for nature, woods, flowers, fresh air, natural colors.
Linen and nature connect to each other wonderfully.
It is the reason why I always feel so attracted to photograph our garments near forests, near trunks of strong and powerful trees.
They should not be kept separately.