Florist Monika: basic wedding styles and flowers for decoration

Florist Monika: basic wedding styles and flowers for decoration

It’s always super exciting to start new things and by this post we begin a new chapter in our communication. From now on, here you can find interviews with various professionals working in wedding, events, design and styling fields. They will share with you tips & tricks on how to plan, decorate and organize your celebration which would be mostly about you, the way you feel inside.

The first guest is Monika Majarienė - owner of flower and decor studio Po Amalu.

  • Monika, what does the work of a florist look like?

  • First, being a florist is so much more than picking the right flowers for the bride or the wedding. For me - it’s meditation and an opportunity to spend time with my own thoughts, to actually hear them. Also, it’s a matter of how well I get to know the newlyweds, learn their personalities and style.

    Later on, as a florist, I need to have guts, what are the best elements and flowers that complement the overall concept of the wedding. Not only the venue - but the dress, the suit, the hairstyle, the car bride and groom would arrive at their wedding - all of these details are equally important. Even their shoes make the difference! It really defines what flowers should be combined, depending on whether a bride plans to wear pink trainers or Valentino high heels. 

  • What is the most important thing in wedding decor?

  • I would say it’s the integrity. If you choose a modern wedding style and arrive at it by limousine or Rolls Royce, then it doesn’t align. Also, I always try to find out what a couple wishes to communicate to their guests using their chosen decor. The message is really important: whether the newlyweds wish to inspire and seek visual effects, whether the priority is an honest and personal approach to every guest, or whether it’s about coziness, where every time when remembering your wedding you’d be overwhelmed with warm feelings.

  • What are the main wedding styles and what flowers are used to complete them?
    • For a boho / rustic wedding I usually use sedges, cortaderia, dried flowers in combination with roses, peonies, ranunculus, dahlias and smaller white blossoms. Usually, all of them come in pastel colors. Sometimes it might be only one type of blossom, for example, lilies or elebors.
    • For a modern - classic wedding it can be white tones or bright colors dominant flowers mixed with greenery and supplemented with minor flowers, which introduce romance to the overall style. If it’s straight classics, then there’s nothing better than one type of roses. I love garden roses which can be really magical.
    • For a minimal wedding, the winner blossom is anthurium. Then it’s always a good idea to use sedges, amaranth, magnolias or other blooming branches or bigger leaves. Sometimes I choose a minimal approach and when combining one type of blossom, like anthurium, I play with its shapes and sizes - let them dance. Also! I find blossoming twigs really charming.

  • Where do you get the best flowers from?

  • Usually, I order them from local farms. In this way all the flowers come fresh and we support small businesses, which I find really important. 

    If we need exclusive roses or hydrangeas, these are coming from Ecuador.

    The rest of the flowers, which we can’t get here in the low season, are delivered from Holland.

  • The most often mistakes people make when choosing flowers for their wedding?

  • The first one - the bigger and the more expensive bride’s bouquet does not mean the better. Sometimes the brides are tiny and the huge bouquet looks disproportionate to the overall look. Also, it’s heavy and uncomfortable to carry for a long time.

    The second one, very common one - natural flowering for the wedding tables. Some customers love meadow flowers and the moss - which is illegal to pick up in Lithuanian forests, by the way. The problem is that all wild flowers, and especially moss, have beetles living inside of them. Later on, they start crawling on the tablecloth :D So, be careful with that and choose already arranged flowers.

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