Balance is a miraculous answer to many questions and problems in our lives. The same goes for me. In some areas, balance is achieved quite easily, while in others it is much more difficult. 
So about the balance between your desire to get your ordered items quickly and the calm and healthy work routine of the people hand sewing them. This is a place that is very slippery and where you sometimes feel like a boat trying to disembark on both sides of the river at the same time.
I fully understand your desire to see your dream product arriving very quickly. In today’s world, we’re used to getting everything fast. Here and now. 
But remember that here we never, ever work on the principles of large sewing shops or factories. Each product is made individually, according to your unique personal body measurements and wishes, and it takes time. 
After all, every seamstress has her own pace of work that I don't intend to push.
The well-being and work schedule of my team has always been and will be very important to me. I never allow seamstresses to work on weekends. I remind them that it is their time. For rest, for themselves, for the family. It is very important to me that the products are sewn by bright heads, not with fatigue. I know that clothes have to be made with good emotions. Even if you have to wait a little longer.
I am extremely grateful to you for visiting us, discovering our work and clothes. That you are not afraid to wait a little longer for your products. But it’s definitely worth it. A garment sewn for you is Special. Especially sewn in beautiful conditions without stress and unnecessary anxiety.
And if you have the opportunity to order products for your celebrations in advance, do so. You will feel calm knowing that everything is going in a smooth and calm flow.
Warmest wishes to you on this beautiful midsummer day.
And do not forget about the balance. It makes miracles. I always remind myself of it as well.
Daiva, Linen Wedding Dress.